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Email Marketing

Our professional services team includes email marketing experts, creative, development and integration experts who live by the best practices of email marketing and are committed to delivering the most effective strategies and campaigns to optimize the value of your email marketing. Our proprietary NetDew approach ensures your email marketing is effective and valuable. Throughout the process, we continuously monitor Digital Vital Signs℠, tracking user behavior and providing the insights needed to optimize campaigns and drive successful outcomes. It's been proven to deliver email campaigns that are more relevant, more engaging, more cost-effective - campaigns that are just more effective, period.

Email Campaign Analysis

While it's important to keep up with industry best practices, it's absolutely imperative to use your own data from email, web analytics, and preference centers to effectively segment and reach your audience with truly relevant messages. Using your data, we identify what really works with your customers and build specific benchmarks. Our Campaign Analysis is an in-depth study that produces clear insights into your customers' behavioral and purchasing habits to optimize your email marketing. We analyze open, read, click, conversion and engagement metrics so you know how campaigns are performing. We also look at your bounces, complaints and unsubscribes to make sure your list healthy. The real value is what we can do with your data.

Creative Email Design

We know that creating effective email campaigns is time consuming and that's why we offer creative services to alleviate resource and time constraints for our clients. Our Creative Team designs emails that get results by not only following best practices to ensure deliverability, but also accounting for all the facets affecting whether your email is opened, rendered appropriately, read and clicked on.

Email Campaign Management

Batch and blast is long gone. Developing and managing valuable email marketing encompasses many facets like subscriber and campaign management, deliverability, targeted messaging, engagement tactics, testing and measurement. It's a lot, but our professional service team is here to help. Our email experts develop campaigns that provide relevant, personalized messages to engage customers. Beginning with data analysis and reviewing your most and least successful email campaigns, we will identify trends and areas for improvement to develop engaging email campaigns that inspire action from your customers. And we continually monitor Digital Vital Signs℠, keeping our finger on the pulse of customer activity, to ensure that your email marketing is effective.